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A time of peace between gods and humans living together, this era was known as the Haima Yuga. The time when the 3 gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva living as one at the Shambala Castle. They are the rulers of Tantra that brings the balance to its tranquility. After a long, long time of peace and serenity, humans began to envy the gods making them anxious about them selves and feel uneasy. The supremacy of the gods provoked a deep envy among humans. Creating curiosity to ask all the things and its purpose resulting to their disbelief to the gods. As it happens they fled on to their separate ways making the 8 tribes shape the world. As the humans goes on, their path is still guided by the gods. Oracles are found with each tribe communicating with the gods. As the realms of tantra slowly taking into shape, a vision of both humankind and gods was now possible and has came to reality.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Second Job Change

Second Job Change
Credits to TantraGlobal

1. Go to Elder Zangzu of Jina Village.
2. Pass the three tests for Job Change and return to Zangzu.

Test of Destruction
Reward: Handle of Broken Sword
1. Go to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.
2. Deliver Test Proof to Hero Amar.
3. Find two scouts in Kruma and collect their military tags.
4. Report back to Monk Iddungddashu.

Test of Patience
Reward: Blood Cloth
1. Go to Weapons Salesman Ouyez.
2. Get the following ingredients: Moon Cow's Horn from Ban Gosu, Strapped Leather from Byokbo, Bowstring Tendon from Sobariung Gosu, and Glue Cell from Mangriang.
3. Report to Salesman Ouyez.
4. Get Thick String from Saranu.
5. Return to Salesman Ouyez.

Test of Wisdom
Reward: Piece of Paper
1. Go to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
2. Talk to Moriya of Anu Village.
3. If you have incorrect answers, you'll hunt 20 Anangas as your punishment. Located at
Holy Army’s Barracks
4. Report back to Moriya and answer again.
5. If you have correctly answered all the questions, return to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.

Moriya Quiz Answer

1. Vartan
2. 10
3. Indra
4. Nagamudra Hima
5. 5050
6. Apvas
7. Exile
8. 1432
9. Ananga Dvanta
10. Amrita
11. 44%
12. Shambala Castle
13. 8 King's War
14. 15
15. Himayuga
16. Vananta
17. 6 posibilities
18. 8 King's Castle
19. Chaturanga
20. 1/126

Test of Justice
Reward: Friend Named Cloth
1. Go to Defense Salesman Wangddaopo.
2. Form a party and get rid of the troublemaker at Coliseum.
3. Return to Salesman Wangddaopo.

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