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A time of peace between gods and humans living together, this era was known as the Haima Yuga. The time when the 3 gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva living as one at the Shambala Castle. They are the rulers of Tantra that brings the balance to its tranquility. After a long, long time of peace and serenity, humans began to envy the gods making them anxious about them selves and feel uneasy. The supremacy of the gods provoked a deep envy among humans. Creating curiosity to ask all the things and its purpose resulting to their disbelief to the gods. As it happens they fled on to their separate ways making the 8 tribes shape the world. As the humans goes on, their path is still guided by the gods. Oracles are found with each tribe communicating with the gods. As the realms of tantra slowly taking into shape, a vision of both humankind and gods was now possible and has came to reality.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Level 80 - 86 Quest Guide

Quest level 80 – Awakening of the Sealed Shiva

- Go to find Merchant Oda on Biryu Castle.
- Visit Miner Yume in Biryu
- Kill 20 Buchin
- Then go back to Miner Yume
- Go to find Biryu Administrator Yasita, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Get Skull from Sharakoro
- Then back to Biryu Administrator Yasita
- Visit Elder Zangzu in Jina
- Visit Armor Salesman Wangddaopo in Jina
- Go and get 1 Kundala of Nerve, 2 Branch, 2 Smell Gjost Arms and 2 Safe Hat
- Visit Elder Zangzu with the Earring of Whisper
- Visit Storehouse Keeper Gubo in Biryu
- Get a Fruit from Abi Konsa
- Then back to Storehouse Keeper Gubo
- Visit Goods Salesman Mamoru in Biryu, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Get the Book of Mamoru from Kaspa Konsa
- Then back to Goods Salesman Mamoru
- Visit Jeweler Ashuri in Mandara, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Get a Yakku Member from Yakku
- Then go back to Jeweler Ashuri
- Visit Goods Salesman Mamoru with the Potion, Reward: 2M Pranas

Quest Level 82 - The Queen of Karya

- Visit Darksa in Mudha
- Visit Blacksmith Vartan in Mandara
- Get a Steel Piece from Dae Mi in Emperor’s Tomb
- Then go back to Blacksmith Vartan, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Visit Storehouse Keeper Zongkui in Jina
- Get 10 Decoration Oxhorns from ban Dopang
- Visit Salesman Rui Shan in Jina, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Get 10 Tiger’s Leather and 10 White Tiger’s Leather
- Get 5 Cabinet of Nali, 5 Gentle Leather, 5 Safe Hat, 5 Kaspa Back Shell
- When you got all visit Darksa again, Reward: 300k Pranas
- Visit Elder Haiddungddashu in Exile
- Hunt 20 Ban Zankun
- Then go back to Elder Haiddungddashu
- Get Eye of Dead Body from Bongbo
- Then go back to Elder Haiddungddashu , Reward: 2M Pranas
- Visit Priest Vananta in Mandara
- Get a piece of Moon from Kyukrong at Flower Field
- Then go back again to Vananta
- Visit Weapon Man Vibvan in Shambala
- Get 10 Hand of Stained Blood from Kubasang
- Then go to Priest Vananta, Reward: 500k Pranas
- Visit Weapon Salesman Ouyez in Jina Village
- Get Yomrabyang Flesh from Yomrabyang in Temple of Fire
- Then go back to Weapon Salesman Ouyez, Reward: Unique Belt for your class, 2M Pranas

Quest Level 84 – Free the soul of the Four Warriors

- Visit Goods Salesman Mamoru in Biryu
- Hunt 20 Kaspa Saka
- Then go back to Goods Salesman Mamoru, Reward: 2M Pranas
- Visit Storehouse Kepper Zongkui in Jina Village
- Hunt 30 Balastha Tundela
- Then go back to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Visit Jeweler Ashuri in Mandara
- Get a Yuv Candle from Bongbo
- Then go back to Jeweler Ashuri, Reward: 2M Pranas
- Visit Goods Salesman Mamoru in Biryu
- Visit Biryu Administrator Yasita
- Visit Craftsman Kirika in Mandara
- Get 10 Tooth of Boraga
- Then go back to Craftsman Kirika, Reward: 1M Pranas
- Then go find asuri
- Visit Biryu Administrator Yasita
- Hunt a Chandi Asura
- Then go back to Yasita, Reward: 6M Pranas
- Hunt a Chandi Naga
- Then go back to Yasita, Reward: 6M Pranas
- Hunt a Chandi Garuda
- Then go back to Yasita, Reward: 6M Pranas
- Hunt a Chandi Gandharva
- Then go back to Yasita, Reward: 6M Pranas, 1 Prazaba

Quest Level 86 – Finding Jimunchana

- Visit Pharmacist Karan in Mandara
- Get 10 Spider Legs from Hadi in Mudha Dungeon
- Then visit Discipling Monk in Anu Village
- Get 10 Deceased Lump from Masan
- Then go back to Discipling Monk, Reward: 4M Pranas
- Visit Blacksmith Vartan in Mandara
- Get 10 Shell from Akusra
- Then go back to Blacksmith Vartan, Reward : 4M Pranas
- Visit Darksa in Mudha
- Kill Jigunchana at Mudha Dungeon
- Then go back to Darksa, Reward: 10M Pranas, 1 Gavi

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